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600W High Power Battery Charger Has been UL Approved

Article Source:Kinri Energy | Author:Kinri Energy | Issuing Time:2022.03.24

With the continuous updating and improvement of products, the certification of products is also improving! After CE,CQC,UKCA, CB,KC, the 600W series high power battery charger has just passed the UL certification meeting the requirements from North American customers.

600W series high-power charger can achieve the maximum output voltage of 88.2Vdc and the maximum current of 30a. It is suitable for charging lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and iron lithium batteries. The product adopts three-stage charging and automatic shutdown when fully charged, 100% avoiding the problem of battery overcharge and shortening battery life. The products are widely used in electric motorcycles, golf carts, sightseeing cars, cleaning cars, robots and so on.